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Does Pet Hair Add to Your Cleaning Woes?

Any animal lover will tell you: love the pet, hate the pet hair everywhere.

Ever feel like you have collected enough hair to make yarn enough to knit a whole new dog or cat?

While we adore our furry friends, pet hair is a problem if they are shedding animals in the house. And no one wants to be seen picking cat hair out of the chip dip as company is arriving!

Here are a few tips to help you battle against your home becoming the "pet hair museum" (hair being on permanent display!)

Use a dust mop on floors - every day. Get into a routine of running the mop over the floor at a certain time of day, such as right before leaving for work, or just before bed.

Static electricity will build up on the fibers of the mop, and bring the hair with it. Collect the hair into one location, shaking the mop occasionally to let it drop into a pile. Then use a damp paper towel to wipe it all up.

Vacuum carpets at least once a week - more often if you have multiple pets. It is important to have a vacuum with a hose and attachments to get into corners and along the baseboard. The hose is also great for doing stairs.

For furniture, vacuum at least twice per month (again, it may be necessary to do it more often if you have multiple pets.) This is especially important if you allow them up on the furniture. Consider training your pets to stay off, and you will have a lot less to vacuum.

For minor touch-ups on a variety of surfaces, including fabrics, look for special sponges that will pick up hair using static electricity. The sponges can be found in pet stores, as well as in the cleaning section of hardware and big-box stores.

In the laundry, use dryer sheets to eliminate static cling in the dryer, which will free the pet hair from clothes and bedding, and allow it to be caught in the lint trap. Aside from the act of cleaning, your ultimate weapon is an ounce of prevention...

Brush your pet regularly. Not only will you be gathering the hair before it hits the floor or furniture, you will be giving your pet quality attention, which can translate to a healthier pet and thereby a healthier coat and less shedding.

If your pet experiences separation anxiety every time you leave the house, he may be shedding more as a result. Brushing can help reduce your pet's stress load.

Lastly, providing your pet with a very healthful diet will decrease the amount of shedding happening. Choose a trusted name brand over generic; the higher price reflects the amount of research and care that went into the formula in order to provide your pet with proper nutrition.

As a pet lover, you know you can't live without them - but you don't have to live in a hair museum!

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