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Natural Household Cleaners

...Can they clean better like regular house cleaning products?

I ran about the house - cleaning like a mad woman last year. No, I wasn't expecting company - and it wasn't Spring either.

I had just gotten my new natural household cleaners in the mail.

I was anxious to see if they really worked as well as the other house cleaning products that I used.

I started in the bathroom, which I think is the ultimate challenge.

I open the toilet bowl cleaner (it's the purple one in the picture), I smelled it, not bad, in fact very pleasant. Then I put it to work. The result...

Before I tell you the result, let me tell you what I was expecting.

I expected that using natural cleaning products would make cleaning harder - that it would take longer - that the finished job would not be as good as with the normal house cleaning products I used.

Well let me tell you first that I was wrong, my experience was the total opposite. In fact my toilet actually looked as good as new, with the pleasant toilet cleaner smell.

This is when I started cleaning house like a maniac, and I was enjoying it too.

I did some laundry and washed the dishes using the natural cleaning products.

I wish I had known about these natural household cleaners sooner. I would have been speared all those years of fumes that was usually a part of cleaning with the normal house cleaning products.

Even my mother, "the one brand queen, who would try nothing new when it comes to house cleaning" - tried some and was impressed enough to steal... I'm sorry - borrow and not return, my natural cleaning wood furniture polish and protector.

If you're interested in trying these natural cleaning products -

...or find to out more about them click here.

When you get your natural household cleaners in the mail don't be surprised when you start running around like a maniac - testing them on everything - well almost everything (they don't exactly make you a Superhero).

Happy Natural Cleaning!

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