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A Case for Using Natural Cleaners?

I'm not going to lie. I judge people. Not in a bad way and not about just anything. You see - a few years ago I started using natural cleaning products. Being the type of person that I am, I became obsessed with converting others to my new found habit. I won some and annoyed others. And yes - I judged the 'others'.

I know! I know!

'Judge not'. I was wrong, but I still don't understand why you or anyone would continue to use these dangerous chemical house cleaners...

...Especially when safe natural cleaning products are available.

natural cleaning products

Let me scare you with a little exercise about the chemical cleaning products you're using.

First, gather the chemical cleaning products that you're using.

Got them?

Good - let's begin.

We'll start with your window cleaner.

Read the label - does it contain Diethylene glycol? If yes, here is what you're working with.

Diethylene glycol is toxic. It causes the central nervous system to depress and degenerative lesions in the liver and the kidneys.
Now - hold up your air freshener. Does it contain Formaldehyde?

Well - Formaldehyde is a carcinogen that is an irritant to eyes, nose, throat and skin. It may cause nausea, headaches, nose bleeds, dizziness, memory loss, and shortness of breath.

Want to try one more?

Let's look at your drain cleaner. Does it contain sodium or potassium hydroxide?

Sodium or potassium hydroxide is caustic. Like Formaldehyde it is an irritant, it inhibits reflexes, burns to the skin, it is poisonous if swallowed due to tissue damage.

I'm going to stop here for now. If you want to continue with this exercise, continue reading your labels. For each ingredient you can search it in your favorite search engine.

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