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Is It Your Fault Your Kid's Room Is Dirty?

Ok, before you get defensive... here me out. Have you ever had the experience of telling you child the go and clean their room. Then after a half an hour they claim that they are finished...

You do the inspection and wonder what they did exactly. What sort of cleaning did they do if there are clothes stashed under the bed?

When I had this problem with my niece a few years ago I finally realized that she had no clue what to do with her stuff. I did not teach her what she needed to do to pass my cleanup inspections.

So we decided on a date and time and we went to work.

First, she took some before pictures...

This way she knows exactly what the room should not look like.

Then we did some organizing...

Removing all her stuff from the floor - she decided what to keep and what to throw away. And of course, all the clothes on the ground and bed went to the laundry room.

Anyway, with the stuff she chose to keep - I let her decide where she wanted to keep them as long as she did not want it to remain on the floor.

It was during this process that I realized that she needed and extra container or two to store her school supplies, some of her seasonal clothes and I also decided to give her her own laundry hamper.

In the end...

We finished "operation clean room" with some dusting, mirror cleaning and vacuuming. Then we took some after photos. This way she knows what I expect to see when it's time for her weekly room inspection.

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