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How To Clean Your Basement

Six Ways To Ensure a Spruced-up Basement for Your Home

I know that the basement can be a very convenient place to stash things. It is one area of the house that is covered and lies far away from immediate access. I'm guilty of having neat piles of stuff that will never be used again.

Keeping the basement clean and organized is as important as the rest of house even though it is away from your eyes. A clean house but a dirty basement is no consolation.

Below are few ways to ensure a spruced up basement for your house:

  1. Take a glance of your basement interiors and try and get rid of everything that you have always wanted to. This could be your starting point. Putting up a garage sale or donating them will not only be beneficial but you will be surprised to discover the huge space left for the new items.

  2. Take a look at the storage options available in the basement. They probably need a better arrangement to make more space. Shelving is great way to keep things off the floor. It also helps in piling up of things rather than leaving them unattended on the floor.

  3. Organizing stuff inside the basement is very important too. The items you use occasionally should be safely locked in a cabinet, so that it could be used in a good condition whenever you want it.

  4. Use storage containers for the smaller items. You can consider labeling them so that you do not have to fumble for it when you want to use it urgently. There is also a possibility of knocking over them when you reach for bigger items. Storing them in containers eliminates this.

  5. The heavy items should be placed away in a corner so that navigating the basement becomes easy. This way, you can even clean the floors frequently without having to move the heavy things to and fro.

  6. Sweep and mop the floor regularly to avoid turning of the basement in to a mess. Cobwebs also are a common sight here. Keep a brush dedicated for the basement to remove the hanging dust particles regularly.

Quick Tips

  • Try and use waterproof containers that are properly sealed and finished.

  • Remove whatever junk possible from the basement on regular basis.

  • Add little detergent or cleaning solution, quarter cup of ammonia if possible, and warm water in a bucket. Pick a stiff nylon brush to ensure a clean basement floor. This can be followed by a normal water mop and left to dry.

  • Closed area results in a musty odor. To avoid this keep the windows open for sometime in a week or install a dehumidifier to remove the moisture. To remove odor you could also consider using bleaching powder to clean the floor.

  • Sprinkle some dry cement to get rid of the rust stains.

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