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This is in regards to Cleaning/Organizing your closet. Have a box and/or bag handy to throw all of your unwanted clothes in that you want to give away. It's so much easier to just go through your closet and start pulling clothes off the hangers and putting them in a box/bag to pass down to an organization.

Linda from, Oak Point, TX, United States

House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Use newspaper when cleaning your windows instead of paper towels also when windexing your appliances.

Donna from, Syracuse, New York, United States

House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

I know all of us are tired when it is time to go to bed. I find a little energy to pick-up the den area so it is neat when the morning comes. (helps my mental to start the day) I also pick up the kitchen area so I can start fresh new day. This has helped me not to feel so overwhelmed. Hope this helps .. I am still trying to get organized in some other areas. I am very happy to have this website. "We will overcome clutter" DB

Donna from, Lakeland, TN, United States

House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Even if you clean your dryer vent screen before every load, the residue from dryer sheets can build up and clog your screen to the point it can actually hold water! The solution is to check to see if it will hold water and if it does, clean with a soapy solution and brush, then rinse and allow to dry completely before using.

Carleeta from, Bowie, TX, United States

House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

For people who have cats, to clean the dried up cat litter that gets stuck to the floor, toilet, sink, bathtub, I use a cleaner that I found to clean ANYTHING!!!

It has no harsh fumes, and is safe for everything. It's called Awesome. The only place I have seen it is at the Dollar Tree. I stock up and buy 10 bottles at a time. Spray it on - let it sit for about 2 min. and its all done!

Colleen from, Dothan, Alabama, United States

House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

I have a black couch and a white cat, so you can imagine how my couch looks. I take packing tape, wrap it around my hand, and rub away!

Colleen from, Dothan, Alabama, United States

House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

I have a fabric shower curtain, and didn't know that you had to use a liner behind it, so lets just say, it was covered in soap scum. I called my mom and she said to wash it in the washing machine with 3 big towels(that helps with winkles). Then - take it out before the spin cycle and hang dry on the curtain rod in the bathroom. Not only does it clean the curtain, but it makes the bathroom smell so good while it drys!

Colleen from, Dothan, Alabama, United States

House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Don't know how clean "clean" is? Have you gotten use to clutter but think no one else pays attention to it either? Here's a quick way to REALLY see trouble corners and areas.

Stand in the center of the room, holding a goood-size hand mirror. Slowly turn in a circle, holding the mirror so you can see behind you. Now you know just what you need to clean!

Lucinda from, Denison, Texas, United States

House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

A few tips to try out...

1.) Drop 2 Alka-Seltzer tablets in the toilet for a quick fix for unexpected company. Swish with a brush and you're done.

2.) Kids, crayons, and walls = tough mess for frustrated parents. WD-40 will remove them quite effeciently and easily. Spray and rub out. *Prior To: please remove children from room and plenty of ventilation*

3.) This one is for outside. Prior to mowing your lawn, if your mower has an attached bag, spray it down with water first to help keep the dirt,pollen,etc. at bay. This is a great one for allergy sufferers!

Lisa from, Sacramento, CA, United States

House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Make your bed THE MOMENT YOU GET OUT OF IT and I mean straight away! Don't even dash out for the toilet because you'll be distracted. I know from experience. Make it straight away. It makes you feel so good about your start to the day and you're less likely to want to climb back in if it's made.

Sam from, Kadina, SA, Australia

House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

1. If you don't love it - its clutter, so get rid of it.

2. Don't hang on to things out of guilt.

3. Baby wipes are great for spot cleaning everything, even red spills off the carpet. Also safe for children to use when they want to 'help'

Nova from, Cedar Lake, IN, United States

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