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The Kid's Room

My eight year old niece (who now whines when she wants something or when she does not want to do something), has the responsibility of cleaning her own room.

Like clockwork every Saturday and Sunday I would find myself saying -Go clean your room!

Have you ever told your child those words at least 3 times in one day?

Not because you like talking - but because the room is not cleaned right.

Here are 3 tips which seem to be working for my niece - for now anyway.

Together - we organized her room. We did it section by section - starting in her play corner. We put the books back on the shelves - in the order she wanted it.

We put her toys neatly back in the corner. And whatever she did not want anymore she put in a box to giveaway.

We continued with this process until her entire room was organized.


While helping her with organizing her room - I realized that my niece had more books than shelves to put them on. I guess that's why some of them ended up under her bed.


Anyway, after some dusting and vacuuming - her room was finally clean. It was time for the next step.

I took pictures. I captured every corner - her closet - her bed - the floor - the walls and of course - some pictures of her. After I printed the pictures - we put them on a notice board with the title My Clean Room.

She put it on a wall in her room.

This notice board works as a guide for what her room should look like when I tell her to - Go clean your room.

I made a bedroom cleaning schedule for her. On it I listed 3 cleaning chores for her to do everyday. Next I listed the chores that had to be done every weekend. I explained it to her and she put it on the wall next to her notice board.

These tips worked for my niece. Although I still have to tell her to go clean her room - she does it with a little less whining - or maybe I've just been able to tune out most of it ;-)

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