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Cleaning a Bathroom Can Be A Dreadful Task...

...unless you use a plan of action

You need to tackle cleaning a bathroom like the cleaning professionals.

But wait, before I get into that, I have a confession. Here is condition I allowed my bathroom to get into last month...

This is my worst-case scenario. (I hope!) Don't make that face, I know its bad and I have no excuses, but I will give you one anyway...

dirty bathtub dirty bathtub
dirty bathtub dirty bathroom sink

This is a result of a month of neglect. Obviously - I have not invited anyone over during this time (excuse: big exam coming up, I'll see you next month).

Well, 'next month' is here and I need to do better - and I did!

Here is what it looks like now
clean bathtub clean bathtub
clean bathtub clean bathroom sink
And here is the infomation used to make this happen.

My Cleaning a Bathroom Story

On this day - I started by clearing off surfaces around the sink and bathtub rim.

Then the cleaning started with the bathroom mirror. I sprayed it with Windex and dried it off with a paper towel.

Then I spray the scum line in the bathroom sink and the bathtub with 'Kaboom foam tastic', you know the one that sprays on blue and and turns white.

Anyway, once it turned white - I used the green side of my Scotch Brite scrub sponge and scrubbed of lines of scum in the sink and bathtub.

I then wash out the sink.

The bathtub was difficult because I had to get down on floor to reach all the dirty spots.

When I finally finished with the bathtub I half filled a bucket to wash down the bathtub (I don't have one of the removable shower-heads which would have made that task much easier).

After I dried the bathtub and the sink with an old towel. I do this because my Mother told me that I should - especially the bathtub after using it. She said that it will help to reduce the build up of the soap scum.

Next - the toilet. Now I used the foam tastic here again, mainly because I ran out of toilet bowl cleaner and was in no condition to run out to the store.

I would not recommend doing this because the product is not made for toilet bowls. Although, after a bit of scrubbing of the water line mark and under the rim, it did get the job done.

Finally, I swept and mopped the floor - dried it of with another old towel and returned all the stuff I removed when I started.

Well that's the end of my bathroom cleaning story. Next time I know to be better prepared to start the job. Read on for more bathroom cleaning details on this site...

More Bathroom Cleaning Details

Let's start with gathering the necessary house cleaning supplies for cleaning a bathroom.

I suggest that you keep your cleaning supplies locked up in a cupboard in the bathroom or close to the bathroom.

This will save you time by avoiding trips up and down stairs - or back and forth between rooms.

If you have more than one bathroom, it would be a good idea to have a set of cleaning tools in each.

Now its time to get started...

First, I'll begin with the bathtub and shower.

Followed by the sink and immediate surroundings..

The toilet..

...and I finish with the bathroom floor.

Cleaning a Bathroom

Bathtub and Shower Cleaning

The bathtub and shower are a perfect haven for mold and mildew. To make the area easier to clean there are two things you can do.

1. Clean your bathtub and shower at regular intervals and

2. Make sure your bathtub and shower are as mold and mildew unfriendly as possible.

bathtub and shower cleaning continued...

Bathroom Sink and immediate surroundings

Cleaning a bathroom sink should be a daily chore.

bathroom sink cleaning continued...

Toilet Cleaning

Your toilet/throne is yours. You use it. Your family members use it. And being the least favorite chore in the bathroom makes its one of the most important.

toilet cleaning continued...

Bathroom Floor

This only requires sweeping followed by mopping.

Bonus bathroom tip:

If you have toilet troubles that are keeping you up all hours of the night, call a service like this emergency plumber Toronto company. Emergency plumbers will come by and fix up what's ailing your bathroom any time, day or night.

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